K+S Potash Canada

Project Details

The $4.1 billion Legacy green field mega-project, the first new potash mine in Saskatchewan in over 40 years, will produce its first tonne of potash by the end of 2016. The scope of this project includes the main process buildings comprising of nine major industrial structures. In addition to the steel structure, the project includes rough setting approximately 515 pieces of equipment and 90 large pipe/electrical modules.

Our scope consisting of 4 buildings and weighing 8000 tons was received in July 2014 and completed in 6 months including 15 change orders. These equipment support structures typically included main steel, complex miscellaneous steel, Handrails, Stairs, Cage ladders, Safety gates, Removable gates, Checker plates…etc., All connections were fatigue critical connections and therefore special care had to be taken to meet this requirement.

    The Project Team

  • Structural Design : AMEC & Koppern March
  • Connection Design :: Ruby Associates