Project Details

SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, is a new $550 million academic medical center in the City of St. Louis, a 316-bed, 802,000-square-foot replacement hospital and new outpatient care center.

The new SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital includes:

  • All-private patient rooms
  • Larger intensive care units
  • Expanded emergency department
  • New outpatient care center
  • Additional clinical space for SLU Care physician practices
  • Educational space for training

This design and build project consists of three separate building:

  1. Patient tower building (Total nine floors with roof, penthouse & penthouse Roof.)
  2. Commons Building (Two floors with Roof & a monumental stair)
  3. Addition Clinical Care building (Three floors & a roof)

The total tonnage of the steel structure is 4,700 tons. The columns & beam in the tower buildings are defined as heavy sections with CVN requirement. Some of the base plates are 4 to 6 thick.

The complexity of the job is walls systems with bump out slabs. The walls are different type with glass mullions, terracotta walls & stone walls around the podium level with steel hanging supports.