The senior management of Esskay structures have decades of expertise in fabrication, erection and project management of steel structures projects before turning into detailers. We understand, not only design, but the impact they have on all stages of construction. This valuable back ground enables us to respond to fabricators need more relevantly. Our detailing process is driven to provide solutions that are: simplest & most cost effective to fabricate and steel that are easier, faster and safer to erect. During the life cycle of the project there could arise several challenges to the fabricator, but our unique back ground enables us to empathise with the fabricators accurately and provide the necessary timely support. It is vital to trust a detailer who not only understands detailing but also how the drawings become a reality. Our existing clients will stand testimony to the above.

One of our key strength is our ability to work directly with the Architects & Engineers on the complex projects. As we do it in planned and systematic way, this saves the fabricators more money.


We are flexible to use either lump-sum or unit price or hourly rates depending on the client’s convenience. Our business philosophy is to extend fair pricing to our customers and provide great services rather than price it cheap and end up doing mediocre work. We believe only this approach is beneficial to our customers in the long run.


Esskay Customer Care

Our technical team interact directly with clients – significantly reducing response time. They are in constant touch with top Esskay management to ensure customers get the best services always. Regular updates are submitted on every project. Our team members are experts in building relationships, and retaining them. When you come to us, you know you’re in good hands. One of our key strength is our ability to work directly with the Architects & Engineers on complex projects, which saves the fabricator’s money.

Dedicated Team

Efficiency increases by time in our model as we employ skilled team that are dedicated to your jobs and retain them as a group ONLY for your jobs from time to time. Our motto is We take a good care of our team so that they can take care of your jobs.


RFI Management

We are aware that more precious time would be wasted if the RFI’s we raise are irrelevant, incomplete or lack clarity. Since our teams have the right exposure and experience on the jobs, they glean the design documents carefully to understand the design intent before raising an RFI. We don’t stop there but also suggest feasible solutions wherever required in the RFIs to help you give better solutions and expedite the project.


We strive to establish best communication methods in our company by implementing new innovations and cutting edge technologies, to ensure a smooth and effective communication between us and our clients. We provide exclusive ftp access to our clients for uploading and downloading project documents. We provide local telephone numbers to contact us with ease.

We believe that communication grows with time and hence we assign a dedicated Project Manager for each client, which helps in perfect understanding with each other over the time.

We provide electronic communications with a dedicated 24 hours, 7 days a week FTP server with high speed internet connections and voice over internet protocol (VOIP) and WebEx services across the different regions. Our engineering capability with almost three decades of experience in our chosen field of products and services ensure that our clients and customers are offered one-stop shop service to meet their varying needs.